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For the past 20 years, Meg Benedicte has been sharing Quantum Access™ in her private healing practice and with international audiences in Webinars, Meditations, radio shows, CDs and her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys of Becoming a Divine Human.

Recent Posts

Galactic Gateway – End of Polarity

We’re currently experiencing a month long Ascension Gateway to the Great Central Sun located at the Galactic Center. It will remain open and build in intensity till the 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the June 20th Solstice. Add in Mars Retrograde’s...

Just Hours Till Blue Moon Activations

We’re just hours away from this weekend’s rare Blue Full Moon arriving at 2:14pm PT/ 5:14pm ET. According to the Maine Farmer’s Almanac a Blue Moon is the third full moon of four in a season. Each quarter season typically has three full moons. If a season has four...

Fiery Full Moon Ascension Activations

On Saturday, May 21st the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius joins hotheaded Mars retrograde on the border of Scorpio underworld. This Full Moon highlights any conflict-ridden, battle zone memories from the past – especially volatile family or work environments. Don’t be...

Ascension Activations

Since March, the Ascension Firstwavers have been processing the powerful Eclipse-Equinox upgrades. The intense cosmic photonic infusion is shaking loose the old, out-dated ancestrial patterns, programs and limitations, so that we can burst forward onto our new...

Jupiter Direct! – New Earth Radio

We are currently dealing with Mercury retrograde in Taurus for a couple more weeks – thru May 22nd.  The general theme of this transit is “learn from our mistakes’ and boldly face the “uncomfortable truth”.  Mercury is highlighting personal karma and gaining...


My session with Meg was way beyond the ordinary! Meg is a hidden gem whose mastery became even more evident during my private session with her. Her ability to pierce through the veils and illuminate truth where there was confusion was profound. I felt layers upon layers of energy shifting and expanding during my session, I literally felt timelines collapsing and new potential threads awakening that feel authentically aligned with my soul’s calling. The visceral experience that I had left behind any hinge of doubt that I may have had about the whether our work together was just another woo-woo experience or the real deal!  I am recommending Meg to everyone! John Burgos

Creator and Host, Beyond The Ordinary Show

Meg’s talk was perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever experienced online, in terms of tangible, flesh-level resonance and vibrational heft. Many of the energy masters do their work, in my perception, on more subtle levels, so it was very satisfying to have strong and sustained field activation that moved instantly into the physicality of my body (and beyond). Reminds me (longingly) of my many hours in TaiChi class, and now Meg’s imagery and intention makes the evocation of this beautiful energy direct and immediate. Jeneth Blackert

Founder of New Wealth Experience Telesummits

I have been studying with Meg Benedicte as one of my primary spiritual guides for over two years now, and have found her to share the most advanced, clear, and grounded information/practical experience on Ascension available today. Not only does she thoroughly explain the process so my mind can understand, even utilizing concepts of quantum physics, she offers very perceptible guided Spiritual Activations, where my spirit and heart can fully advance. And her training is current for what’s happening right now on the planet. Debra Giusti

Entrepreneur of Transformational Businesses: Harmony Festival, Harmony Connections, Debra Recommends, Transforming Into The New Paradigm , Debra Recommends

Meg Benedicte is on the cutting edge of consciousness and divine awakenings.  She continues to astound me with her deep understanding of the Universe and the NEW tools she continually brings to the evolution of human awareness. Repeatedly, people who take part in her practices and programs report back to us incredible changes, transformations and awakenings.  Meg opens up new dimensions of healing, transformation and prosperity for others with seeming ease.  Many times for those who have previously been unable to awaken, heal or transform! She is a true master of this work and I recommend her for anyone who is interested not only deep transformation but a paradigm shifting understanding their reality.  She will open you up to an infinite and all-loving ‘You’ …so get ready! Darius M. Barazandeh

Founder, You Wealth Revolution